About Us

In our pursuits of encouraging social entrepreneurship and building social entrepreneurs, we started with just passion to bring a change, believing that rest will inevitably follow and when we look back it has been a phenomenal journey, needless to thank all those who have supported our actions till now.

This isn’t the end as there is still so much to do. We have to encourage a new generation to create a better world. We need to be honest about our abilities and the resources that we have.

It’s Edwin A. Freeman here. Welcome to National Social Entrepreneurship Community!

Our main website is https://nsef-india.org/

On behalf of me and my whole team, we’re super excited and grateful you’ve joined us!

To incur our operational costs and to make NSEF financially sustainable on its own in the long term we seek event sponsorships

Sponsor the forum, sponsor an event or sponsor a venture. If you are interested in funding social entrepreneurs, tell us in what kind of ventures you are interested in funding. We are very happy to link you to people who need support.

NSEF has well planned set of returns ranging from branding to partnering which we offer to the organizations in return to their grants.

Contact Us

Edwin A. Freeman – nsef-india.org