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We Support The Semicolon Tattoo Project

In the recent light of the semicolon tattoo project pointing out growing problems with depression, self-harm and other mental disorders we would like to express our support of the project.

semicolon tattoo

We feel that this non-profit organization communicates a very strong message about the current state of mental health in the United States. We support those who have a hard dime and suffers from mental illness is a noble cause and should be encourage. Weather these people need love, physical activity or just someone to talk to is up to the closest family and friends to decide. By tattooing a semicolon tattoo you communicate your support for this project. Semicolon tattoos has gone viral and has helped raising the awareness about self-harm and depression. Recently this phenomenon has reached epic proportions and gained worldwide attention.

Amy Bleuel From The Semicolon Tattoo Project

Them semicolon tattoo project was started by Amy Bleuel when she tattooed a semicolon on her forearm, she got the idea when she against all odds raised from a very dark past.. She talks openly about her quest to spread the word about addiction, depression and suicide. The semicolon represents hope and comfort. Comfort that there is a continuation of life, even if everything feels pitch black right now. Things can, and will, always get better.

The semicolon tattoo is used by writers when they want to communicate that a sentence is reaching and end, but the author chooses not to end it fully. Instead he or she places a semicolon (instead of a full stop) and continues the sentence. Amy Bleuel explains that the author (of your life) is you, and the sentence represents your life. A beautiful metaphor really.

Many people find comfort in the semicolon tattoo and tell us that when they look at it the feel stronger and determined to endure. You become the author of your own life story.

Finally, we feel strongly that you too should support and help the semicolon tattoo project by telling friends and family about this new movement.