COVID-19 alert – Coronavirus disease

To prevent the spread of the virus, both the U.S. government and health organizations must work together and get ahead of the problem. That may mean sharing more information about covid-19, before it does any further damage to those in the region and is imported further south, such as Cuba, New York, Hawaii and northern California.

For National Social Entrepreneurship, the coronavirus is a disease of the new world order, where people live with the stress of being short of funds to pay doctors, nurses and caregivers, often to help with everyday tasks such as helping children in poor housing. In addition, the disease is often left out of chronic care options, with programs less likely to take into account underlying conditions.

Stay home if you feel unwell – you can get help from your doctor. If you need to stay in hospital to receive treatment, your doctor can contact a specialist on call. This is important as some specialists can only be contacted in emergency situations.

-Edwin A. Freeman

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