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Online Event Submission Now Open! Posture & Gait 2022 Convention

Brisbane Convention And Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia, July 2 – 7, 2022.

Posture and Gait research and Convention 2022.

Covid-19 policy and alert.

COVID-19 alert – Coronavirus disease

To prevent the spread of the virus, both the U.S. government and health organizations must work together and get ahead of the problem. That may mean sharing more information about covid-19, before it does any further damage to those in the region and is imported further south, such as Cuba, New York, Hawaii and northern California.

For National Social Entrepreneurship, the coronavirus is a disease of the new world order, where people live with the stress of being short of funds to pay doctors, nurses and caregivers, often to help with everyday tasks such as helping children in poor housing. In addition, the disease is often left out of chronic care options, with programs less likely to take into account underlying conditions.

Stay home if you feel unwell – you can get help from your doctor. If you need to stay in hospital to receive treatment, your doctor can contact a specialist on call. This is important as some specialists can only be contacted in emergency situations.

-Edwin A. Freeman

The Easy Way to Stay Motivated 24/7

Whatever you want to achieve in life…

Can be yours if you harness the power of motivation.

Sure, you can watch a motivational video and feel pumped for 30 thirty inutes…

Though what I want to talk about today goes beyond feeling pumped for 30 minutes…

And it’s not some complicated system.

It’s a simple “real world solution” anyone can use immediately.

Here is the method I use to stay motivated 24/7

Relax, Sleep, Then Challenge Yourself… The Secret To Staying Motivated

I dunno about you… I find it real hard to stay focused and motivated if I am tired…

And we can get tired when we don’t relax enough during the day.

Sure we want to be productive and work hard at self-development…

(And do the hundreds of other tasks life throws at us.)

But we are so busy in our daily lives it is easy to forget to relax…

What we must if want to harness the power of motivation… is learn to relax…

To take time for ourselves…

I use mediation to get some “headspace”…

It only takes me 10 minutes to listen to a meditation recording, and when I am finished, I feel refreshed.

If you’re not into meditation then what you can try is this. Taking more 10-minute breaks during your day.

Get away from your desk, or whatever you are doing…

Don’t look at your phone…

Go outside if you can and get some air.

The second reason for relaxing is to get you ready for a good night’s sleep…

We all need sleep…

Can you picture yourself when you’re tired?

What do you see?

  • Maybe taking a little longer to get out of bed…
  • Maybe cutting a few corners with your work…

If you see that, don’t worry you are just like everyone else who starts their day tired.

Ask yourself this…

What time do you need to get up?

Then work backwards 8 hours and aim to be in bed before that time.

If you have any trouble getting to sleep, search out a herbal remedy to help you doze off.

Wake Up And The Hit The Day As Hard As You Can

I talked about relaxing and sleeping before the motivation part as they are both crucial…

Crucial so that you wake up and you’re bursting with energy…

Now you can attack the day full throttle.

Whatever you need to do today to move closer towards you goal…

  • You will do it without even thinking…
  • Your motivation will be on autopilot.
  • You won’t need the Youtube videos to give you a brief buzz…
  • You’ll have an abundance of energy; you will be, and you will stay motivated 24/7

Your friend,

Edwin A. Freeman –

Posture Research – Posture Now Review & Body Language

What is posture research and posture now? In this article we review new posture research and body language. Most of us remember our mother telling us to sit up straight and to walk without a slouch, but over time we tend to get in some pretty bad habits. Back problems and those caused by slouching or slumping are some of the most common reasons for why people miss work or gain weight, and a product like Posture Now might be able to make a difference for many of these people.

We will look at and review:

  • Current posture research
  • Body language
  • Posture now back brace

If you deal with back pain, or people tell you that you aren’t standing upright, then this is a simple device that can help you regain proper posture so you can look healthier, more attractive, and be stronger overall.

What Is Posture Research Review & Posture Now

You may have seen Posture Now on Shark Tank, which is a very popular television show that presents and review new ideas and inventions to potential investors.

posture now view 1 posture now view 2 posture now view 3 posture now view 4

This is a completely innovative design that makes wearing a back brace actually comfortable for many people. It can be worn beneath your clothes or over it, and you can wear it for as little as just ten minutes per day and still see results.

More details in this review of posture now.

Over time, you become more aware of your posture, and your muscles will adjust to the proper upright position that you are in. The result of this is that you will appear taller and more confident, but perhaps more importantly, you will also lose some of that back and neck pain that you are suffering from.

This is a product that is ideal for young and old alike, and is often recommended by doctors as a way for people to naturally correct their posture without surgical intervention. (ref.)

It is affordable, easy to use, and won’t get in the way of your normal life at all.

How Does Body Language & Posture Now Back Brace Work

The whole idea behind a posture brace is that you should be able to train your posture in just 10 to 30 minutes per day by wearing this device.

It isn’t the kind of back brace that you would wear all the time, which is perhaps one of the reasons why it is so popular. You get immediate results, but without any of the hassles of other braces. Like these posture braces.

This consists of two neoprene bands that go around your arms, along with a flexible tension band between them. A posture corrector help to train your muscle memory so that you gradually begin to get in the habit of standing upright on a regular basis. This will prevent you from hunching over, and will help you to gain more comfort and less nerve and muscle pain from sitting for long hours in a chair, over your computer.

posture now flex step 1

Posture corrective brace – flex 1

posture now flex step 2

Posture corrective brace – flex 2

What Will You Read in a Posture Now Review

When you read just about any Posture Now Brace review, you will see that this product begins to work immediately to reduce much of the back pain that a lot of people have and that it is beneficial to wear on a regular basis.

Many of the reviews state how they wish that they had known about this product years before.

“I am trying Posture Now and it works great to keep me straight. I wish I had that when I was a kid and my mother told me to keep a good posture!”
– Greg, Canada


“It is helping me with posture. It is helping me with pain. There’s no question about it.”
– James, CA

While you might think that all of the reviews for this product would be written by younger people with back or posture issues, there are also some older people who are using this to help correct their stoop that often comes with natural aging and osteoporosis.

“I am 78 years old with a bad back and have developed a real stoop which the brace helped correct. Thanks again!”
– Roland, NC


The only place that you can buy Posture Now is online, and when you buy it from the official web site, you will get a 30 day money back guarantee.

Also, when you provide the company with your email address, you will get a free set of tips to improve your posture so that you can start living with less pain and look better, too.

Is Posture Now Right for You? Whether you saw Posture Now on the Shark Tank program, or you have heard about it from a friend or even your doctor, then you know that this is a legitimate method for straightening your posture that really does work. With a full money back guarantee, there is no risk to you at all, and in a very short period of time, it will help you to have that upright posture that makes you look healthier, taller, more attractive, and certainly a lot more confident, too.

Further references to review posture corrector and current research:

  2. Gait & Posture Now


We Support The Semicolon Tattoo Project

In the recent light of the semicolon tattoo project pointing out growing problems with depression, self-harm and other mental disorders we would like to express our support of the project.

semicolon tattoo

We feel that this non-profit organization communicates a very strong message about the current state of mental health in the United States. We support those who have a hard dime and suffers from mental illness is a noble cause and should be encourage. Weather these people need love, physical activity or just someone to talk to is up to the closest family and friends to decide. By tattooing a semicolon tattoo you communicate your support for this project. Semicolon tattoos has gone viral and has helped raising the awareness about self-harm and depression. Recently this phenomenon has reached epic proportions and gained worldwide attention.

Amy Bleuel From The Semicolon Tattoo Project

Them semicolon tattoo project was started by Amy Bleuel when she tattooed a semicolon on her forearm, she got the idea when she against all odds raised from a very dark past.. She talks openly about her quest to spread the word about addiction, depression and suicide. The semicolon represents hope and comfort. Comfort that there is a continuation of life, even if everything feels pitch black right now. Things can, and will, always get better.

The semicolon tattoo is used by writers when they want to communicate that a sentence is reaching and end, but the author chooses not to end it fully. Instead he or she places a semicolon (instead of a full stop) and continues the sentence. Amy Bleuel explains that the author (of your life) is you, and the sentence represents your life. A beautiful metaphor really.

Many people find comfort in the semicolon tattoo and tell us that when they look at it the feel stronger and determined to endure. You become the author of your own life story.

Finally, we feel strongly that you too should support and help the semicolon tattoo project by telling friends and family about this new movement.

Lecturer in Biomechanics of Posture and Balance, School of Sport and Exercise Sciences

The International Society for Posture and Gait Research (ISPGR), and the British Association for Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES). Reviewing the effect of aging on balance.


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